Mara Hruby

Ate Rox seems to love taking me to concerts of people I’ve never heard of. Considering a good portion of the CD’s in my car are from her, I figured why not when she asked me this time around.

So, with barely any prior knowledge of the night’s entertainment, off Ate Rox, Ann, and I went.

“All the way from Oakland, California…” the Yoshi’s Oakland host jokingly announced to introduce the hometown hero. The band then begins to jam  while gracefully, the beautiful “neo-soul” songstress with the swagger of a 1920’s speakeasy walks center stage: Mara Hruby.

The sold out show roared their welcome to Mara as our jaws dropped in awe.

Mara, her band, and her brother Chris Taylor intimately connected with the music and the audience. Throughout their performance, all musicians constantly shut their eyes and swayed to the heart pouring ballades. As Mara said, “Autumn is just affecting me a bit.” And when it came to the more upbeat tempos, they would all smile at each other with nods of approval, “responding to that emotional wreck.”

The performance was already amazing enough but the audience made it even better. Considering the home court advantage, extra positive vibes were in the air. Chris Taylor led a song with a line saying, “I could be wrong” and someone responded “But you’re right!” It turns out their families were in the audience, including Mara’s godmother whom she dedicated a song to.

Classy, swagger, family-oriented, and smooth sailing talent. What more can you ask from a performance?

After the show, as if bringing me to this concert wasn’t enough!, Ate Rox gave me my birthday present. For those who don’t know, she’s one of the people I look up to in the artsy fartsy world (check out her website here). So, for her to give me some tools of the trade meant a lot. I’m really trying to branch out to other media than just Sharpies haha.

T’was a good night!

Here is Mara Ruby’s YouTube:
Ate Rox’s awesomeness:

– ChiChai@Empire

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