No Bacon for Gretchen Weiners!

Yesterday seemed like a festival on festival on festival.

Christopher, Samantha, Joey and I set up the tent and adorned it with the goods for last night’s SJ Night Market. It also happened to be next to the bacon festival. All the while, adjacent to these events, the weekly flea market fluctuated with even more action.

Sounds a bit cray, right?

SJ Night Market consists of a wide array of locals— from parents with toddlers to high school and college students. Despite the entertainment’s buzz from every direction, Joey, Samantha and Christopher’s outgoing personalities attracted traffic in.




Oh! And also Michael from the tent next door (Mass Mutual) helped us put up ours


The four of us got to share Empire’s story with new people who contributed to our hands-on art gallery. We brought our coloring supplies from previous events to further engage with the Night Market’s guests.



Fina, who helps foster children with EMQ Families First, shows off her new Jetpack sweater as her daughter is hiding behind her artwork.


Our favorite drawing would be of an “awesome” kid (he told himself that’s what he was) who wrote on his drawing “coolz” and “swag.” One guy told us he was looking for bacon so I just drew a pig for him with a sign saying “bacon, in the future.”


If you saw in my last post, you would see that I was a bit chicken about this whole event. I was hella trippin for no reason, wasn’t I? Lesson learned. No room for chicken, just confidence in a supportive team and fun.

Until the next event!

Which… happens to be this upcoming Friday. What?

Post later.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. We didn’t get to eat any bacon 😦

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