SJ Night Market x Festival of America


I need to confess something with you guys. I made a hypocritical move.

I signed us up for SJ Night Market a long time ago but I was too chicken to advertise it. Yes, I know. We tabled at several events before. However! This is the first time we’re tabling in a whole new venue with a whole new set of people. Okay, that’s a lie. Minna was a pretty big step. I was nervous as pho then too.

Okay. Now I’m rambling. Start over.

SJ Night Market consists of local vendors– from food to artwork– showcasing their goods to the community. What’s great about starting a brand in sharks’ territory is that other brands here aren’t actually “sharks.” They consist of welcoming people down to invite you into the game. And SJ Night Market is the perfect place to see these passionate entrepreneurs work their magic.

So why was I chicken to share the news with you guys? Quite frankly, nerves took over. I looked up to everyone involved in these events since my first Two Buck Tuesday freshman year! Now, nearly done with college, I’m about to contribute to San Jose’s art world and I wasn’t sure what to do with that fact.

Thankfully, with good talks with good people, I realized I had nothing to be chicken about to begin with. Empire in the Air is about reaching for the higher dream from the ground up. But what good is that mantra if I wont’ even let Empire grow?

Okay. Here’s the deal. We will be participating at tomorrow’s SJ Night Market which also happens to be the Bacon Festival of America. Click Here for more info. I apologize for the last minute announcement. Please understand that I got my moments too (lol) and the lesson is now learned. We must keep moving forward and I hope you continue to  stick around with us for the journey.

– ChiChai@Empire

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