The Empire in the Air Kickball Tournament for Project PEARLS

Samantha and I initially intended to throw another release party in a BBQ form but in the midst of brainstorming, we figured we should do something even bigger. Then came the idea for a kickball tournament. We knew it would spark the kid in the players while creating an all day entertainment for other visitors. Plus, it would be an opportunity to raise money for my momma’s Project PEARLS.

And damn. It sure did. But little did we know how competitive yesterday would be.

The sinaGANGsters did some warm-ups as Famsilog ran laps.

Team Crazy Love was… Let’s just say they accepted defeat prior to the tournament but won in the cuteness category because of their crazy socks.

Then came PEARLS USA (orange) and Too Easy (blue).

Team PEARLS USA (orange) came rolling deep with their own tents, face paint, family cheerleaders, an accessories to match their shirts.

Then there was the team Too Easy. The team who showed up an hour early to practice. They also happen to be Christopher’s brother Alex’s team who’s motive was to beat Christopher’s team.

Both these teams were clearly the most competitive ones and their games showed it. They played in the first game and played again in the last for the championship round.  After scrapes, kicks, and catches, Team PEARLS USA earned second place whereas Team Too Easy claimed the first.

I am incredibly blessed by all these people who came out to support the cause and the brand. But lastly, I would like to thank the team that put this all together: the Empire team.

Christopher, Samantha, and I met throughout the summer planning for this day but more laborious work came the day before.

Christopher, Aiko, Jelyn, and Samantha stayed up until around 3:30 or 4am prepping for the day and began reserving the park at 6am. Angelo ran around SJ with Christopher for BBQ errands. Christian came to help out manning the table for the first half of the day.

Ferd and JJ remained on the field for all six games as the umpires ( who now like to refer themselves now as the “Umpires in the Air.”)

Thank you tons! I sincerely mean it when I say I could not have done it without you.

Congratulations to all the teams! And a special congrats to the second place winners Team PEARLS USA and first place winners Team Too Easy. Y’all made it clear from the moment you stepped on the park that you came to win.

Rematch next year?

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Thank you Elvin for the t-shirts! Our players looked gooooood

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