Why the fck do we package our tops in pastry boxes?

Back in 2010, when the original shirt released, I did not know how to package the original t-shirt at all. Plus, my rookie brand funds did not give me  much options.

Coincidentally, my momma was into catering at the time. Floor to ceiling shelves housed the chef’s galore; containers with toppings from shredded coconut to100% cocoa, plates of all shapes, plastic silverware that actually looked like silverware… she had it all. What she also had for her desserts were the essentials: pastry boxes.

While I ran around the house trying to figure out a way to present this brand’s debut, my momma told me to try one of the boxes. Before I could think it through, the first thing I said was, “But… its pink.” She laughed, folded the cardboard with the pink in and the brown out, and placed the original shirt inside. Ah, that smart woman.

Up to this day, I still use my momma’s innovative packaging. I normally write a thank you note on the back with occasional special messages for you guys but I decided I wanted to do something even more this time. We are sticking to the pastry box because it helped lay the foundation for this brand. There’s just a little somethin’ somethin’ catering to the specific collection.

We wanted to accentuate the importance of relaxing with a tropical feel for the Refresh Collection. So for the packaging, we are tying up the boxes with twine and accessorizing them with wooden and shell beads. Hope you guys will like it!

All those who supported by pre-ordering  tops from the Refresh Collection, this is for you! I hope to see you at the kickball tournament on Saturday!

– ChiChai@Empire

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