Play Ball!


Having a brand is a million times better when you get to share the good times with good people. After our first release party, we knew that the next collection would need its own celebration too. But rather than picking up your pre-sale orders from the Refresh Collection at a party, you can kick it with us at the Kickball Tournament.

Yup. We are having a Kickball Tournament! Everyone assemble your teams of 10 ($15 per player) ALL the profits from the tournament will go to Project PEARLS. You get to be a kid to help out hundreds of kids! Each team is guaranteed two games and will receive an exclusive Empire in the Air team shirt.

Also! Even if you’re not participating at the tournament, we still encourage you to come. We will be selling BBQ as a part of the fundraiser and have music provided by DJ Steven Cheung— the same crackin’ DJ from the previous party!

I cannot emphasize how much we want to celebrate this brand with the people that give it life— all of you guys. So, on behalf of the Empire Team, we hope to see you there.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Register for your team here
P.s.s. View the entire lookbook for the Refresh collection here.

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