Thank you, USA!

I know I say this every shoot but, oh my lanta, I am blessed with loving friends. A handful of us spent our July 4th morning shooting a video for the upcoming collection.

San Francisco weather was actually on our side and illuminated its cityscape for us. We went to the beautiful Fort Funston and Golden Gate Park. (I hope naming these locations hint to you the feel for the new stuff).

The view at Fort Funston Beach

Raymond and Aiko were Christopher’s helping hands for the photo-shoot (a.k.a. Asian tourists)

Diona and Allen starred in the video as dancing venturers

Steven stopped by for hellos and lent Christopher a lens to shoot the video (such best friends these two). He also showed off his OG logo tee for the holiday

Joey showed up during the conclusion to hang out, bring us to a homey comfort food restaurant called Park Chow, and probably to hit on Christopher.

Ahhhh. I want to talk more about the shoot but we gotta be patient. These Instax and Galaxy pictures will do for now!

– ChiChai@Empire

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