Lala Land

Took a mini vacation with Christopher to Los Angeles this past weekend and it seemed like a big vacation of sights and food… a lot of food. I doodled to capture as much as I could in my sketchbook. And, in order to share the journey, I quickly vectored and colored the doodles.

The museums we hit up were LACMA and the Getty. I do recommend to give yourself a hefty amount of time to visit them. They’re both pretty darn big. I visited both places before but I still haven’t seen everything.

LACMA is exciting for its grand variety of modern and contemporary pieces but it also has a nice touch of cultural collections. One building is even reserved for Japanese art!

My favorite collection is their Art of the Pacific. I love the intricate wood and shell carvings.

The famous LACMA lights a.k.a. street lamps that once illuminated LA streets in the 20’s and 30’s

The Getty has an enormous collection too but the architecture and landscaping is what awes me. My jaw dropped the very moment I laid eyes on the vast garden. The Getty’s open space full of open field, flowers, and statues creates a serene environment that overlooks LA.

One of the statues that looks like it’s saying “Oh, wait!”

Also, note that the Getty is free! All you have to pay for is parking which is $15 flat.

I suggest to bring a sandwich and have a picnic on the lawn.

As for the food… drool drool drool.

Luckily Chris’ friend Patrick, who has lived in LA for the past 8 years, is a big foodie. He gave Christopher a long list of good eats close to both museums. There were more restaurants but I’ll just talk about three: The Alcove, Coco Laurent, and Father’s Office.

Alcove and Coco Laurent are relatively close to LACMA. Alcove is the perfect place for breakfast. I’m already drooling thinking about their crab cakes benedict. They also have a drink list that complements their meals.

Coco Laurent is a French restaurant who stays true to the French cuisine but gives American-sized portions. They were on the pricier side of our budget. The food was delectable nonetheless and pushed us out of our food comfort zone.

We topped off our vacation at Father’s Office, a hole in the wall in Santa Monica. Once we walked in, the host asked us if we’ve been there before. We said no so he nicely gave us the directions: order everything at the bar and make friends since seating was limited. The wall behind the bar seemed like a collage of beer taps. So many to choose from! Aside from the lovely beer choice, the food was scrumptious. They served American food that tastes perfectly with beer.

I wish we could’ve stayed in SoCal longer but work called. Wah wah wah *in boring teacher’s voice from Peanuts*. Either way, it was a much needed getaway and an opportunity to enjoy LA outside my typical Disneyland-only trip haha.

– ChiChai@Empire

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