Walk the Stage (Late Post)

I kind of sort of graduated two weeks ago. And I mean it when I say kind of sort of… I have three classes left, haha. But my department  required me to participate in the commencement already because 1. Our department only has spring ceremonies and 2. I am short only a handful of units anyhoo. Thus, I kind of sort of graduated.

Now that’s cleared up, I want to let you know this post is not so much about me graduating but about the art put into graduation in general. Participating in two ceremonies (the Global Studies/ Geography Commencement and the Pilipino Commencement), I realized how much graduations bring out the creative side in everyone. Graduation caps are decorated, posters made, leis laced, flowers bouquet-ed, etc.

I decorated these caps for my friend Vince and I. Goten and Trunks are shown commemorating our best friendship lol. Just kidding, kind of. Vince will hate me for saying that.

My friends Sharoleen, Char, and Ann made these lovely lace leis. I love the colors they chose! They definitely added vibrance and flavor to the plain black gown.

Everyone remembered sunflowers are my favorite! The best friend Cestine  bought a bouquet for both ceremonies and then Chen, my momma, and Christopher contributed their own batches. Oh, and of course, Melanie gave me a lovely flower as well. The only issue with all this love was I had nothing to contain them in. The only vase I have was one I made my senior year of high school. Thankfully, I do live in a college student galore apartment thus mugs and bottles — from water to beer to soda— were readily available!

Last but not least, the posters. Those darn cute yet oh so embarrassing excessively huge posters. Ann and Char call me “Ate Strawberry” hence the adorable strawberry.


But don’t let that darn tooth fool you! The back of it only says one word: cry.

Then there’s my “twin” Nikisha’s poster who captured our … erm… extra fun moments haha.


My grands Clif and Christeven put together their artsy skills to whip up this poster and drew themselves holding my heart.

Yes, I know. They’re cute. Then! The most embarrassing one but, man, you’ve gotta give it to my roommates for rasterizing.

Thank you everyone for the love and bringing out your creative side!

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Congrats to the rest of class 2013!

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