One Last Project

My geography professor assigned us a final project rather than a final this semester. Sounds cool and all… but. Let’s be real. A final merely requires the simple study hours whereas a project requires you to get out of your room and into the field. School and work ferociously eats up my energy everyday already, so the thought of getting off my butt sounded like a drag.

And then, my professor told us ever-so bluntly that we can do whatever we want for the final. All she required was that we make a legitimate map.

At that realization, I decided to stop the lazy/whiny/senioritis talk and take advantage of this project as an opportunity. You see, I am graduating this year from SJSU and the one thing that consistently kept me sane in these four years was the art community. So… Why not take advantage of this project as a chance to capture the art in my most recent home and share it with my global studies comrades?

And with that thought, I decided to share it with you guys too.

I swear, although this school was my last choice, this city has spoiled me with art and love like it was meant to be.

– ChiChai@Empire

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