Spring Break 4 Evah!

Finally taking a break from bombarding your dashboards with an influx of buy-me-now links. I decided to share some good ol’ Californian appreciation.

Money and time created a travel radius limit this spring break, but hey! Nothing is wrong with the “backyard.”

Christopher, Jen, Anthony, and I headed down to Santa Cruz for its famous soft sands, boardwalk, and arcade.


We made it seem like a dream date with jiggy music and Christopher’s cinematography (and the new clothes). You can read more about it here.

The day after, Christopher and I put on some black&orange, hopped on Bart and Muni, and basked in the sunlight pouring down the AT&T park.

It was the pre-season game Giants vs A’s— a Bay Area battle royale. Just kidding. It wasn’t that epic (it was a pre-season game and… ugh, we lost.) But! Sitting in the bleachers, we got to enjoy the bleacher perks: easy-access to fatty food and beer, join the crowd in unified yelling and cursing, and laugh and high-five with everyone as though they were our best friends.

This spring break wasn’t that eventful but I am grateful nonetheless. Times like these make me appreciate what’s readily there. I suppose anyone’s backyard is awaiting playtime.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. I lied. This is the last day to purchase anything from the True Connections collection! Click here 🙂

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