Santa Cruz Jig

Christopher and I deviously tricked our friends Jen and Anthony to feature in a new video by inviting them on a double date to Santa Cruz. Actually, all our hangouts involve us throwing on some Empire shirts onto our friends and filming them. Just kidding! All the videos and photos are all voluntary [ I swear]. But… we really were on a double date… and we really did ask them to.

Anyway! In all seriousness, since we are all on Spring Break, Santa Cruz served as a good day vacation for us four. We ate scrumptious 1/2 lb burgers at Betty’s Burgers, got competitive at the arcade ( guess who won first place at Mario Kart— yee yee mfkas!), played wannabe DDR, strolled along the soft sanded beach, and ended the trip with good ol’ Marianne’s ice cream. It was gloomy but the good company made up for it. (Which is why Christopher and I couldn’t help but take advantage of these happy characters by putting Empire clothes on them haha.)

Thank you Jen and Anthony for joining us!

Everyone! Don’t forget that the 31st is the last day to pre-order anything from the True Connections collection at

The Cloud Tee, $20
The Jetpack CrewNeck, $30
The Bridge Hoodie, $40

And keep in mind that 10% of the profit will be going to Project PEARLS. My momma wants to use our donations towards their Brain Booster program, a program for “homework help, basic english, math, spelling, reading, writing tutorial, arts and crafts, story telling, fun learning games.”


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