Empire in the Air Release Party

Empire in the Air Release Party

This past Friday, March 15, marked our very first Release Party. We wanted our debut back in the street wear game as a big bang! And the only way to make this year crackin’ would be to celebrate with you guys.

Samantha, Christopher, and I have been planning this event for the past few months. Samantha was the decor and set-up genius ( I swear that girl knows how to improvise anything and everything) while Christopher engineered the logistics and took care of the promo material.

We had the venue on lock (Sin Lounge– courtesy of the owner, Aimmie, who happens to be Christopher’s cousin) and although it may not be the most conventional place, they gave us all the leeway and assistance we needed.

Jelyn, Aiko, Aaron, Mark, Cestine, and Angelo handled all the sales the entire night. All of them, as well as Jesse, helped set up too.

Nea, Hidee, and Ansel greeted everyone in.

Steven Cheung spun old-school funk and hip-hop vinyls (… and even hyphy) for us to dance the night away.

Hungry Fam featured as special guest performers while rockin’ the latest shirt I designed for them. ( Big thanks to Randy Le for arranging everything!)

And! Melissa, Alan, and Johnny captured the night’s favorable moments. The pictures in this post are actually from Melissa herself.

Everyone listed (and more) helped make the night as fun as can be. But more importantly, this was all for you. We hope you enjoyed the new releases, the music, the coloring table, the photo-booth, etc. This party was intended to welcome you in our brand’s adventure to the top. Thank you for welcoming us in your own adventure.

– ChiChai@Empire

P.s. Special shout-outs to Faded Friday, Raymond Baltazar, everyone that drove from other sides of the Bay Area, and Sin Lounge.

P.s.s. We are currently uploading pictures to the Empire FB Page.

P.s.s.s. I love all the coloring and doodling you all made! The coloring table was one of my favorite parts!

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