[Two of the] Happiest Places on Earth pt. 2

First things first— hope you all enjoyed your holidays, got in a food coma, and got overwhelmed with warm-fuzzy love.

Now, back to this post.

Amazing is an understatement for the San Diego Zoo. It’s mind-boggling how they maintain ( and even created) the perfect atmosphere for preserving animals from all over the world. Getting lost among trees and running into creatures I’ve never even heard of truly created the jungle feeling.

Forreal. What were they looking at?

This alligator snapping turtle is considered to be the “dinosaur of the turtle world.” To me, it looks like a real life Poke’mon.

Sunset at the zoo.

Please add this zoo visit on your bucket list and say hi to the Wolf’s Guenon. I swear that primate wouldn’t stop looking at me.

– ChiChai@Empire

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