The 2012 Election

I sincerely hope that you voted this year. Although the options of president, propositions, senate… etc. etc. are given to us, it is a beautiful thing we get to choose. As cliche as it may sound, this being my first time I voted, I was fascinated by the diversity of people lining up to use their ability to shape the system. All the history books go on about who was allowed to vote at this time, this time, and this time. Now, here we are, a palette of the Bay Area community, voting. Amazing, isn’t it?

My photojournalism professor assigned the class to photograph any creative representation of the 2012 Election. It only made sense to go to a campaign office where most action (and reaction) would occur. The night of the 6th, my friends and I were tuned into CNN’s minute-to-minute updates. And as soon as it was reassured who our president would be, I headed straight to the Obama campaign office. Man. What a way to put the cherry on top of my first participated election. People were constantly cheering and dancing in front of a wall with the news projecting onto it. Old school music played, hugs were made, and ridiculous pictures in front of cardboard cut-outs were taken.

T’was a good night.

– ChiChai@Empire

Ps. I highly recommend to read this post from Bobby Hundreds regarding the elections iclick!

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