Can’t Wait to be King

Growing up with the tendency to doodle on myself and others, it didn’t come to a surprise to my momma that art would make its permanent impression onto me. What was a surprise was that the day a skin-deep piece made its way to me was the same day another would be made onto my momma. We both got inked for my twenty-first birthday.

My momma already knew what she wanted— a hummingbird, the bird of tireless peace and love, fluttering infinitely on her shoulder with the words “it is written.” Very appropriate for the founder of Project PEARLS, no?

I’ve been going back and forth with what my first tattoo should be for years.  How to begin? The time isn’t right yet for the tattoos I did plan out beforehand (they’re saved for other pivotal points of growth). All I knew was that the first had to show the notion of a blessing future.

Then Simba pounced into my head.

Baby Simba couldn’t wait to be king— he may have been ignorant before but, at such a young age, he knew he was meant for greatness. Simba was also taught that everyone and everything is interconnected to keep the world turning. And, although his destiny of kingdom come was written in stone, he had to endure extreme trials before rightfully gaining his throne.

Reaching for an empire isn’t going to be easy but Simba will continue to comfort with the reminder that it is attainable.

– ChiChai@Empire

*epic Mufasa voice* Remember who you are

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