Taste of Home

I’m writing for an online publication this semester (no, not Tumblr) and my first assignment was to write a profile on a Pilipino restaurant. After getting turned down from the initial one, I decided to take a shot at the bakery I grew up with: Valerio’s.

It just happened that I got there right before the manager left. She also happened to be one of the founders wife. Boy, oh by did I feel like one lucky duck. When she told me her last name, I couldn’t help but ask, “As in theValerio?” while pointing at the sign.

Learning about the beloved bakeshop has led me to admire it much more. Not only is it a bakery my lolo bought me pan de sal with buttered sugar on the top, but its also a bakery that upholds tradition and quality as such an incredible priority  that one bite from a pastry brings any Pilipino home at an instant.

This journalism journey is starting off right and I’m trying my best to enjoy every single adventure. ( Which wasn’t too hard for this article. I was given free food— including a bag full of turon because she knew it was my favorite. Again, I was lucky blessed.)

– ChiChai@Empire

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