Mac n’ Cheese

Mac ‘n Cheese

I was always a PC advocate— my Sony Viao was a gift so I used it to its potential and defended its Microsoft ways as much as possible… Until. It began to diminish. This past summer was spent reconstructing the foundations of Empire and behind-the-scenes build up for its future. I knew that if I wanted to take Empire seriously, I had to think of all aspects’ long-term effects and purposes. That led me to the realization that I needed to upgrade: Viao gots to go.

With patience, hours of smelling like burnt bread crumbs, and advisory, I was able to get a MacBook. And holy moly. This is an incredible upgrade— the visuals on this bad boy is amazing! Photographs and designs have suddenly become much more crisp and clear, documents and e-mails organized themselves, and! I don’t need to leave this laptop plugged into the wall to use it (*cough* Sony *cough*).

I will always love what my Viao has helped me with— it launched Empire after all. But, ‘tis time for a change.

Au revoir to the lags, the restarts, reboots, and, more importantly, au revoir to a good friend.

On to the next
On, on to the next


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