Kick, Push

The whole [nerdy] dream of becoming a journalist is coming true this semester and holy moly. This dream is getting real. More on that later… But, in a nutshell, this dream-reality conversion is definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone.

For example: today.

Truth be told… a lot of  adventures I go on are usually with other people or “in the backyard” or both. Today, without any security blanket, I went to a skate park.

Not gonna lie, I was scared shitless. I asked a random gentleman to help me out and he was nice enough to sneak me into a skating event. As he showed me around, he gave me a few pointers for what to look out for and what are good spots to shoot. It turns out that he was a professional skater 30 years ago. Lucky, right?

Okay! So there is one reason why I wanted to share this story: to prove that you never really know what will happen unless you try. I was unproductively a puss for my first 15 minutes at the park but that changed with a strike of luck and courage. I spoke to someone who helped lead the way.

Not everything has an amazing outcome but you would never know without initiative steps.

– ChiChai@Empire

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