Exactly a year ago…

I wore gladiators to the Colosseum. Literally. I studied abroad last summer for a month in Paris and vacationed off into Rome for a few days. This blog has a few posts from the Parisian adventures but I never published any of the Roman ones. So! For the sake of the love-for-the-world Olympian season, here are a few pictures I took in this little part of Italy.

Boy, oh boy, do I miss traveling. Trying new food, tasting refreshing eye candy of modern to ancient art, temporarily embracing a different lifestyle. In the meantime, work until the next plane ticket and finding backyard treasures.

– ChiChai@Empire

Ps. Over 3000 lame points to me for not blogging in 2 weeks. Remember to pay your Comcast bills on time kids.

Pss. Within the small halt of blogging, I did get to work on a little somethin’ somethin’ for someone. To be revealed in a few weeks. Hint.

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