Already a Winner

My momma helps dozens of children go to school, feeds hundreds of children and their families, and gathers nurses and doctors to voluntarily give check-ups and mend wounds— all this for the people of Ulingan, a town perched upon a garbage dump  next to a charcoal factory. My momma and all the volunteers of Project PEARLS go beyond dropping off donations and sponsorship. They continuously give unconditional love.

Project PEARLS was a finalist for ABS-CBN’s Global Bayani Award this year. We didn’t receive the Bayani Award but my momma is a bayani nonetheless. Bayani translates from Tagalog to hero. To me, courage, selflessness, and love defines a bayani. With an “official” title or not, Project PEARLS fit the description.

Congratulations to my momma. I’m proud to share you with my newfound hundreds of brothers and sisters.

– ChiChai@Empire

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