Fish Eyes through a Fish-Eye

He did not say where we were going. All we planned was that we would hang out yesterday morning. Little did I know that Ptrick, otherwise known as Pmac, took me to the Academy of Sciences while proudly flashing his membership pass. I always knew this best friend was chuck full of random knowledge but shit. I practically had a tour guide haha.

I loved seeing all the different out-of-this-world creatures, from the prehistoric-like fish to the vibrant crawlers of the tropics. And hey. Not everyone can say they spent their morning in a forest utopia of reptiles, butterflies, and birds… Nor can everyone say they had lunch next to baby ostriches’ play area. Yup. Only at the Academy of Sciences.

Inside the rain forests of the world– from Madagascar to Costa Rica

Under the forest

When I first glanced this guy swimming by, I fell in love with the patterns of his scales. I wanted him to come back so I could get a picture. Coincidentally, and thankfully, he actually swam right at me.

Deeper into the reefs

I love the gracefulness of the jellyfish. (The first picture reminds me of a ballerina)

Note to self: use this lovely artistic turtle’s shell as design inspiration

Off to drawing for me now! Hope you make a trip to the amazingness in one building this summer too!

– ChiChai@Empire

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