Happy Father’s Day

There is a spot next to the SJ airport where you can watch planes lift off and land. After work on Friday, I ate the rest of my lunch at this spot to satisfy a craving for peaceful scenery. Reaching that spot I found more than airplanes. Several dads were there as well, watching the planes fly with their children on their shoulders. I couldn’t help but think about how blessed these kids are— their dads are taking the time out of their day to show a piece of the world to them. A part of me saddened for mine stopped nearly ten years ago. However, I remembered that my momma is so strong, she was my momma and daddy. As soon as I remembered, the somber thought faded away.

So Happy Father’s Day to the daddies that are there to show the world to their kids and guide. And Happy Father’s Day to the mommas that go beyond their job description. Thank your parent[s], homie. They love you.

– ChiChai@Empire

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