Happy New Year!

I was wearing my Big Bad Wolf crewneck when a friend pointed at the back of my right shoulder. As he pointed at the logo, he asked what Empire is. I first explained how since the age 14 or 15 I have been conjuring up a “save the world” plan: I would become an international journalist who would design shirts inspired by people I meet and, in return for the inspiration, I would help them anyway I can. I then explained the name: Empire in the Air— “Empire” stands for the kind of destination I’m striving for and “in the Air” represents anyone who was told they have their heads in the clouds for dreaming so big, just as I did.

Retelling the story of how Empire came to be revived my motivation for it. I got so caught up in other things this year and I know I kept using busyness as an excuse for the sporadic hiatuses but after remembering how Empire started and why it did, I can’t help but tell all of you how thankful I am. Whether you have supported me since the beginning or you have just heard about Empire, I want to thank you. This year was another step closer to reaching my Empire and it was you guys who gave me that extra push to take it.

To give extra shout-outs and additional appreciation, I will be queueing some 2011 highlights throughout the next few days. So again, thank you. Watch out for your name and/or face— it may pop up here. Heh heh heh.

Cheers to the New Year and to the continuation of this doodling adventure!

– ChiChai@Empire

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