You know that feeling when everything seems to be falling into place because time is on your side?

This isn’t it. Just kidding. Almost.

Empire in the Air has been on the biggest hiatus for the past months and it’s driving me crazy. I want to doodle surrounding inspirations in hopes to inspire people back. I want to share the blessings I received with others (shout-out to Project PEARLS). I want to go on photo-shoots with friends then k.o. with food provided by Chef Chen. Heck. I even want to spam your news feed and dashboard!

I just miss unraveling plans by launching a simple epiphany that would then end in giving others a lift so they too can reach their Empire.

Where was I going with this… Oh yeah! So in a nutshell, I hella miss Empire. School overrules my schedule and I’m chasing another dream right now as well(aye waddup, PCN— more details later.)

However, with this sudden uprising of emptiness without Empire, I coincidentally found my old Moleskine in which all the introductory plans of Empire are chronicled. From the doubts to the name-brainstorming, from the first talk of desires to the day Empire debuted— it’s all in there and I just so happened to find it the other day. Finding the journal refueled motivations and excitement for the day I can work on Empire again.
And as if timing wasn’t sneaky enough, this postcard arrived yesterday from my friend Joe P. (Hi Joe!) I knew he was going to send me and my roomie Diona a postcard but of course I didn’t know what he was going to say. And damn. Knowing that I haven’t worked on Empire in a while, seeing that someone still remembers it just makes me extremely happy and grateful.

Remember what I was saying about things falling into place? Well, like I said, this isn’t it but I can tell that time is coming soon. Things will fall into place and the save-the-world plan shall continue.

– ChiChai@Empire

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