Louvre Me Pt. 1

Uh… In all honesty… I have 4-5 other folders of pictures ready to be blogged but due to the lack of awareness in my schedule, I did not post up any of them. I decided to move on with today rather than trying to keep up with the past (ooh, deep). Memory is more fresh thus the writing will be too.

So… Today.

My study abroad program dubbed this day as the visit to le Musee du Louvre— the Louvre Museum. You know, that crazy looking museum from the Da Vinci Code that stores (protects) famous paintings, such as the iconic Mona Lisa. I anticipated this visit the most out of all our other trips. Big thanks to SJSU for their humanities program because it allowed me to indulge the Louvre’s beautiful pieces with a bit of familiarity.



“Its collections can lay claim to illustrate the cultural history of the Mediterranean and Western worlds from the sixth millennium BC to the mid-nineteenth century; in addition, a selection of works represents the art of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas.” – Henri Loyrette, President-Director of Musee du Louvre


La Vierge et L’enfant The Virgin and the Child by Florence 15th Century


L’amour au Papillion The Love to the Butterfly by Antoine Denis Chaudet 1817


Tell me that ain’t creepy. This little cherub is definitely up to no good. Ironically enough, he is entitled L’amour Menacent Love Threatening by Etienne-Maurice Falconet in 1757.


The Romantic Art gallery and its fans.

C’est bizarre que les deux tableaux prochaine ont ete dans ma classe et j’ai eu l’occasion de les voir en personne aujourd’hui.


The famous Eugene Delecroix piece of “Liberty Leading the People” representing the 1830 revolutionary spirit.


The Great Odalisque by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

I have to say “pt.1” with the intensions that I will have another “Louvre Me” post. The next post will mostly feature the ancient Egyptian collection of the Louvre because I sort of… kind of… practically got lost and stuck in that section for a good hour. What?


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