L’art des rues pt. 2

The program I’m in consists of “walks” nearly everyday in different parts of Paris so hopefully je peux trouver plus l’art des rues (I can find more street art) in the future.

Despite the handful of graffiti here, the artists seem to be careful with their pieces’ placements– they respect the old beautiful buildings and make their marks on the not-too-noticeable buildings as if to accent them themselves.

I saw several of these cute little fellahs around the city.
Determined to find the octopi artist…

I mentioned in a previous post about how I kept seeing a little man everywhere. Well. It turns out he has a friend.

We’re having a walk tomorrow to Sainte Chapelle and the Notre Dame. Rather than searching for more street art tomorrow, I’ll be doing a gargoyle search. It might be a bit difficult to take their picture since they are at the top of the cathedrals but eh, worth a shot. So prepare yourself for the possibility of more gargoyles in the future. What?

– ChiChai@Empire

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