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    Get your head out of the clouds. They’re just dreams, fantasies, what-have-you’s. Blah, blah, blah. Empire in the Air is a clothing line that defies those statements. It’s a contraption that gives a lift to those who want to make their, excuse the corniness, dreams a reality. By supporting ProjectPEARLS– a foundation solely dedicated to giving kids in the Philippines the opportunity for an education– this clothing line does more than raise itself up. It helps others reach their own empire. So screw the critics/non-believers/faith-lackers, stick your head at cloud-level, and let’s build that Empire in the Air.

“Tagged” Mint Boxy Tank Styled by Sam@Empire

The “Tagged” Mint Boxy Tank may have been from our Summer ’14 collection but, with complementary layers, you can still rock it this fall. Here is how Sam@Empire styled the tank This tank is still available here in smalls and larges! Snatch one before they run out!


#sfgiants !!!

Pop champagne! We going to the World Series! Want free San Francisco Giants stickers? They’re for free! Just e-mail us at – ChiChai@Empire


She is King cont.

I can proudly say that womyn– womyn strong enough to move mountains against any wind– raised me. Many of you are familiar with my mother, Melissa Villa, the founder of Project PEARLS. She is an advocate for the neglected Manila population living in garbage-filled slums. For the past four years, she proved the impossible to be … Continue reading

photo 2

Massive x MaBOOhay

We began our day at the Daly City Filipino-American History Month Celebration and ended it with two more events. Bryant Sina and Darren Chiu from Haus of Godspeed, who hosted our first gallery PEARLS in the Rough, and Calamity Fair debuted their newest collections at Massive today. Massive is a new art gallery/boutique/barber shop that is bringing even … Continue reading

photo 3

Daly City Filipino American History Month Celebration

Being a Daly City native, I did not appreciate my culture until I moved away for college. Filipino-Americans make majority of Daly City’s population so I never thought being Filipino was something to be proud about nor did it cross my mind how important understanding your culture’s history was. Daly City hosted its first Filipino-American History Month Celebration … Continue reading


More of Emerald City

These few days back in reality is making me miss Seattle Here are a few photos that did not quite fit the other blog posts – ChiChai@Empire


Thank You

I started #empireintheair at 18 with no expectations, just a hope to encourage others to build and reach for their own Empires. I turned 23 this weekend and I realized hella changed since then. Empire transformed from an ‘I’ to a collaborative ‘we,’ from 1 shirt at a time to collections And none would’ve been possible … Continue reading


23 at Snoqualmie

Our last full day in Washington happened to be my birthday. To celebrate, my mother and I drove 40 minutes out Seattle to Snoqualmie Falls. Being surrounded by hundreds of earth’s green giants refreshed my lungs for this new year. This was certainly my most peaceful and meditative birthday. – ChiChai@Empire


Pike People

Farmers, artisans, butchers, bakers, musicians and seafood-throwers can all be food at the Pike Place Market. This more-than-a-century old marketplace is a hub for Seattle’s locals to share their craft and fresh goods. For us tourists, it is also the wonderful home to the most sanitary US monument: the Post Alley Gum Wall The assortment … Continue reading


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