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    Get your head out of the clouds. They’re just dreams, fantasies, what-have-you’s. Blah, blah, blah. Empire in the Air is a clothing line that defies those statements. It’s a contraption that gives a lift to those who want to make their, excuse the corniness, dreams a reality. By supporting ProjectPEARLS– a foundation solely dedicated to giving kids in the Philippines the opportunity for an education– this clothing line does more than raise itself up. It helps others reach their own empire. So screw the critics/non-believers/faith-lackers, stick your head at cloud-level, and let’s build that Empire in the Air.

Haighters gon’ Haight

Erykah Badu and Talib Kweli fueled the energy of Haight Street today. They spun the ones&twos on opposite ends of the block as the rest of us danced with no cares on the middle of the street. Haight Street hosted their inaugural “Music & Merchant” street festival today and like Hiero Day, people from all … Continue reading


‘Til Infinity

The Oakland mayor officially declared the holiday Hiero Day, a day for an annual hip hop congregation. Hieroglyphics hosts and headlines this free music&food&beer&art festival as a way for them to “[give] back to the city that has raised and nurtured” them And all of us in the Bay was invited Not sure if anyone told … Continue reading


Kickin’ it for PEARLS 2014

Today was the day we kicked balls.   Kicked kickballs that is! Energy definitely filled the air at Flickinger Park this sunshiny day. We launched our second kickball and bbq for Project PEARLS. And this year, we had the honor to collaborate with Akbayan SJSU and the SJ Firefighters Local 230 to make this happen. Our main objective for … Continue reading


Levi’s Stadium

    Well, well, well. Aren’t you a beaut?… Other than the unfinished grass and lack of heat protection.  Back to the optimistic bit. This stadium is a piece of art. Walls, seats, and platforms are slickly embossed with the proud, yet so simple, San Francisco logo. White complements the powerful red throughout the arena for … Continue reading



From SJ’s beloved tattooist Orly Cukui to the signature pigeon of Jeff Staple, a large mixture of artists put their super powers together in revamping their own Benny Gold Glider for a Guest Artist Show. Seriously, I said it once and I will say it again, swing by Benny Gold’s shop in SF to see these personalities in one roof. … Continue reading


Can’t believe this is still Oakland

Before working in this city, all I ever went here for was a Warriors game at the Oracle, never for a hike in a forest. And well, today served as a reminder that every city has its hidden gems. The PEZ Museum in Millbrae, Bruce and Brandon Lee resting in peace in Seattle, Silvanas in … Continue reading



This fella certainly helped relax my big eyes from design work this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love the endless possibilities both computers and paper hold, but no words can explain how calming paint and pen strokes are after hours facing screen glares.  Hm. Either way—Adobe Illustrator or illustrating— I am grateful to be blessed with the … Continue reading


Oh, San Francisco

Oh, San Francisco It is comforting to know I’m just on the other side of the bridge now. A combination of hang-outs and meetings led me to this fog galore for back-to-back days. And although only two days were spent in San Francisco, 4 districts welcomed the homies and I in their own distinctive ways. (I … Continue reading


Fishing through Fitness

We are proud to say that Joey Illustrisimo is not only our model but a perfect example of using your gifts to pay it forward. As a fitness trainer in San Francisco, Joey decided to do more with his knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. He started a bootcamp called Fishing through Fitness. Joey invites anyone and everyone for … Continue reading


Today, I’m HELLA feelin’ [like]

It’s been a while since I took the time to make something simply for the fun of it. I always wanted to make my own mock-up of those “Today, I’m feeling…” magnet posters with a hyphy twist. Enjoy! – ChiChai@Empire


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