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    Get your head out of the clouds. They’re just dreams, fantasies, what-have-you’s. Blah, blah, blah. Empire in the Air is a clothing line that defies those statements. It’s a contraption that gives a lift to those who want to make their, excuse the corniness, dreams a reality. By supporting ProjectPEARLS– a foundation solely dedicated to giving kids in the Philippines the opportunity for an education– this clothing line does more than raise itself up. It helps others reach their own empire. So screw the critics/non-believers/faith-lackers, stick your head at cloud-level, and let’s build that Empire in the Air.

Road to FAME

For all Bay Area fashion goers, FAME is the event to be for some good summer/back-to-school shopping. Fashion, art, and music exhibits wall to wall for FAME and we are happy to announce that we have the opportunity to partake in it. We are MosDef excited for our vendor booth. What sets FAME apart from other vending events is that … Continue reading


Keep doing what you’re doing

Kevin from Massive told Christopher and I last night during Oakland First Friday,. “Keep doing what you’re doing because I have seen what the outcome can be.” He explained to us how the Bay Area’s art community flourishes and this new art gallery/ boutique/ barber shop aims to be a hub for it. Everything, and … Continue reading


Livin’ My Life Like It’s Golden

Three talented womyn, Bernadette Bernacer and Melissa Batesting of the Company and Empire Team’s very own Aiko Tanzawa, recently blessed us with a collaboration for the Golden collection. In a matter of a few hours, they came together and created choreography for us to share with all of you.   Enjoy: Thank you again to Bernie, Mell, and … Continue reading



#empireintheair is about a lifestyle. Whether it be music, art, photography or fitness, we’re here to support all your passions – Christopher@Empire Our photographer Christopher was determined to show that we are not only a brand but a lift. Over the years, this brand developed into a collective. It originally began as my outlet for writing and designing but it … Continue reading


Sneak Peak of Movements for the Golden Collection

Sneak Peak of Movements for the Golden Collection Get your pre-sales here before prices go up and size availability goes down!


Pre-sales Have Begun!

Get your Rooted Raglan here! We believe a strong foundation is the first step in chasing after your dreams. With that being said, we brought back the original logo— Empire’s foundation— for this design. And to tie in Project Pearls’ own roots, the Philippines, the embedded design is the pattern commonly found in the woven bahays.


Golden (Coming Soon)

“Empire in the Air is a brand that strives to save the world.” By teaming up with the non-profit Project Pearls, our mission statement is put into action.  Project Pearls helps children and their families in the Philippines reach dreams other may believe impossible. Because of the impact of my last Philippines trip, I designed … Continue reading


SJ Japantown Art Walk

Your inner travel bug may tell you that masterpieces are found oceans away but events like this remind communities that art is everywhere. Humble Beginnings gallery in Empire 7 Studios   Cukui   2twenty5 – ChiChai@Empire


I am Malala: the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban

Malala Yousafzai is a world trendsetter. I hope you get on her hype too. She stands up for the universal right of education for all. Against all odds of the violent turmoil in her homeland, Pakistan, she always “…dreamed of going to the top of Mount Elm like Alexander the Great to touch Jupiter and beyond … Continue reading


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