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    Get your head out of the clouds. They’re just dreams, fantasies, what-have-you’s. Blah, blah, blah. Empire in the Air is a clothing line that defies those statements. It’s a contraption that gives a lift to those who want to make their, excuse the corniness, dreams a reality. By supporting ProjectPEARLS– a foundation solely dedicated to giving kids in the Philippines the opportunity for an education– this clothing line does more than raise itself up. It helps others reach their own empire. So screw the critics/non-believers/faith-lackers, stick your head at cloud-level, and let’s build that Empire in the Air.

PEARLS in the Rough pt.II

Withdrawals. They’re so bad that I’ve been avoiding writing this post haha. But in all seriousness, from setting up to closing down, PEARLS in the Rough definitely gave the Empire Team a bigger experience than we could have imagined. And on behalf of the team, we thank all of you who made it happen. Thank … Continue reading


PEARLS in the Rough pt.I

There’s a whole lot to cover in regards of this collaborative/ creative think-space/thinking on toes/ heart-warming heck of a weekend. But first, for those who could not make it (darn you Coachella and Manny!) let me take you inside the gallery portion of our art show. The children of Project PEARLS live through the saying … Continue reading


The Final Stretch

It’s been a minute since I updated the blog. I know, I know. I’m sorry. Let me start off by saying we tired! But grateful that this is the reason. Balancing day jobs with Empire isn’t the easiest and requires lots of coffee and ice cream breaks. However, that’s what makes building this brand much more … Continue reading

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UYP featuring Aiko

Last but not least in our mini dance series is Miss Aiko Tanzawa! She is rocking the Lion Polka bow-tie which will make its debut on April 12th at our art show. Also, don’t forget that THIS THURSDAY is the very last day to call a gauranteed dibs on The Roots crewneck sweater. Be sure to … Continue reading


Empire In The Air’s “The Urban Young Professional”

Originally posted on The Urbanettes:
Hey Everyone! The Urbanettes partnered up with Empire In The Air and styled The Roots Crewneck, The Roots Bow Tie, The Lion Polka and The Lion Stud from their new collection called The Urban Young Professional. These unisex pieces are very versatile and can be styled many different ways. We…


Pinays in the Arts

We will be vending at Kappa Psi Epsilon’s annual event, Pinays in the Arts, at SFSU tomorrow! In honor of celebrating strong Pilipina womyn, we will be selling one of our latest prints: the Carabao. The homeland holds on to the strong carabao to push forward.    

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UYP featuring David

Up next in our mini dance series is a dancer who danced so hard he shook the camera, Mr. David Merto. “The Roots” Crewneck Available Now March 10-27 Visit Empire in the Air Follow Empire in the Air Dancer: David Merto Music: “Point of Contact” (Coming Soon) by Steven … Continue reading

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“The Roots” Pre-sale ENDS on March 27

Be sure to order yours before pre-sales end! Your size is guaranteed and you will save a handful of bucks *thumbs up* *high five* *roundhouse kick*


The Roots x the Urbanettes

My best friend, Celestine Urbano, and her sister, Chelsea Urbano, have always been known for their stylish keen eye. Put these two creative minds together and you get the oh-so-wonderful: Urbanettes, fashion bloggers. Last weekend, I lent the Urbanettes pieces from the Urban Young Professional to style it up their own way. They then made several outfits, and … Continue reading


Wonderful World of Color (outside of Disneyland)

Let’s take a little break from spamming you with that new new and bring more colors in the light. Christopher and I began our Saturday at 7 in the morning by dressing up in all white a.k.a. getting ready to get dirty. An hour later, we found ourselves surrounded by a sea of white tees anticipating the same … Continue reading


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